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WHO IS TIMM MCCOY?: Emmy Award  winning human, Timm McCoy is the CEO of PPL Micro Studios. He is married to Joan. He's known her since 1993 and was married February 14 (Valentines Day) in 2005 and they own their own home in Brooklyn Park,MN. He is a Producer, Director, Writer, Cameraman, Editor, Artist, Comedian and Musician. Was a P.O. HM1 in the U. S. Navy. He has 46 years experience in television , 47 years in radio.  Timm has been a stand up comedian since 1976. He has toured America from Maine to California, from Florida to Minnesota and Timm's mentor was Jonathan Winters. At the age of 7, for 3 years, Timm's father has a cabin next to Jonathans in Tappan Lake, Ohio where Timm was taught how to be funny from Jonathan. He has a Masters of Telecommunications from Kent State University. He has been awarded 3 major TV awards in broadcast production and comedy writing,  5 radio awards including the 2007 Apple iTunes Podcast of the Year Award for Production.


Timm also has been Awarded "The 2nd Biggest Parody Song of 2016" from Dr. Demento on "The Dr, Demento Show" See:


Timm has appeared in the movies & TV shows:



I was an extra Zombie in the 1985 film "The Dead Next Door" shot in Akron, Ohio

Extra - "The Light Of Day" 1986 - Patron in the  bar in Cleveland, OH

Michael J. Fox, Joan Jett, Michael McKean


Played a  "Borg" on "Star Trek - The Next Generation" Eps. "I Borg" - 1992


"Major League - The Minors" (Scott Bakula) - 1999


"Bill's Gun Shop" - 1999 (John Ashton)


"Sugar and Spice" -  2000 (Mina Suvari)


"A Serious Man" -  2009   (Michael Stuhlbarg)


"Refuge" - unreleased - (Linda Hamilton) 

Timm McCoy "I Borg" S5E23

Main On Air Studio 1

WE NOW PROVIDE "Audio Imaging"

Need a Station ID? Sweeps? Station Jingle? Audio play productions or comedy programs? PPL Micro provides endless combinations of sounds, swooshes, zings, bangers and zooms for your production needs whether online broadcasting or self produced podcasts. Or, maybe you want to bang up your personal music CD or mp3. We are offering 5 drops or ID's for your production for only $50.00. That's it. Interested and want to know more? Contact Timm McCoy at Timm@TimmMcCoy.com

Timm uses PowerDirector 14 4K Digital Editing Bay

Where: We are an independent audio/video production company located in Minneapolis, MN. Timm has a Masters in Telecommunications. We have been around for 30 years in Minnesota producing everything from local news & special events and fundraisers to complete radio and TV productions to special gatherings, weddings and parties!

Timm has 47 years experience and is fully accredited. Edit Text

What: We use state of the art equipment such as a Dell 8500 Gaming computer with Cyberlink Power Director 14 Audio/Video digital, green screen, multi camera, 5.1 Stereo and capable of 4K Video & Audio production. In studio or "On The Go" linear video production. Total Digital CGI Production & Logo Design.


In the analog studio we have the Panasonic Digital AV Mixer WJ-AVE5 and digital cd and dvd burners. PPL Micro does Video to DVD transfers, DVD to Video transfers, DVD to DVD transfers, CD to CD transfers, 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film and VHS & SVHS to DVD. Shoot & edit your personal video (on location live or in studio mixdown), create & burn CDs, transfer your digital photos to a CD, including licenced background music, so you can play them on your DVD player, archive documents to discs, convert cassette tapes, your old 33 1/3 rpm records or other recordings to MP3, WAV WMA and OGG files or CDs, produce and direct your TV show. Design & install your state of the art Plasma, LCD or HD TV and Sound and Video Systems, Voice over work for TV & radio.


Single or multi camera shoots. Our equipment includeds the Panasonic Digital Audio Video Mixer WJ-AVE5. Digital Photography can be sent by email or snail mail. Full label design, disc design and jewel box design for your CDs or DVDs. We can even create a Living Will for you that is totally legal. Email me with ANY questions!

All material on these webpages, including pictures, video clips, audio clips, podcasts, live events and web designs are are property of Timm McCoy & PPL Micro Studios. The names: "BOO! with Dr. Head","The ikMe Comedy Club", "PODCATS" "PPL Micro Studios", "Toxic Schlock", The Zone with Timm McCoy, Clara The Sheep,"The Zone LIVE!", "ProPsychoLuna" and the phrase: "Don't Limit Yourself To Reality" are Trademarks of PPL Micro Studios. No rebroadcast of any audio or video, including images are permitted without direct written consent from Timm McCoy and PPL Micro Studios. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2023

Timm McCoy

TV Produced by Timm McCoy:

ZTV : 1989 - 1992 (2 Time Award Winner)

The Zone with Pit Turpin : 1991 - 1993 (Award Winner)

The ProPsychoLuna Network : 2001 - 2005

ZTV : 2001 - 2005

Rock Video Monthly : 2001 - 2005

Impulse : 2001 - 2005

The Bug & Unk Show : 1991 -2005

Ozone Radio : 2001 - 2005

KPPL Cable Radio : 2004 - 2005

Boo! - 2005 - 2010

The Zone with Timm McCoy : 2005 - Current

Radio Background:

WNPQ 96fm New Philadelphia, OH - DJ (2 time Gabriel Award Winner) 1980 - 1982

WKSR 730am Kent State University-Kent,OH - DJ (2 time Award Winner) 1984 - 1986

WCSB - Cleveland State University 1989 - 1991 - The Lonesome Cowboy Dave Show - Writer/Performer

The Zone with Timm McCoy

Minneapolis, MN Producer/Director/Editor/Audio/Comedy Writer  (2007 iTunes Award Winner) 2005 - current.

2014 - Television: Emmy Winner for HitRECord On TV for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media

2014 Emmy Winner - Timm McCoy for HitRECord.org

Timm is currently writing and performing parody music. Timm's style is be "The Parody King of The One Hit Wonders". When Timm produces his parody, it's by those artists that only had "One Hit". Timm is also a member of that club by having One Number 1 song, "I'm Going To Be Offended" which became #1 in July 2016 on The Dr. Demento Show" and #2 for the entire year of 2016.

Timm McCoy - JAYUM