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This Interview was posted April 12th 2020 at 12:01am.


Johnny Ray Miller
with Timm McCoy

  1. The Partridge Family - When We're Singing (1:01)
  2. The Partridge Family - Summer Days (3:13)
  3. The Partridge Family - I Woke up in Love This Morning (2:42)
  4. The Partridge Family - Whale Song (3:35)
  5. The Partridge Family - Sunshine (2:43)
  6. The Partridge Family - I Really Want to Know You (2:58)
  7. The Partridge Family - Roller Coaster (2:22)
  8. The Partridge Family - My Christmas Card to You (2:30)
  9. The Partridge Family - She'd Rather Have The Rain (3:18)
  10. The Partridge Family - I Can Feel Your Heartbeat (2:01)
  11. The Partridge Family - I Think I Love You (2:52)

Meet television's most famous garage band! While The Partridge Family TV show ran for four years with good to moderate ratings, peaking at No. 16 during the second season, it was a different story for their music. The first album, The Partridge Family Album, smashed out of the gate in fall of 1970, staying on the Billboard album charts for over a year! The band's first single, "I Think I Love You," skyrocketed to No. 1 on the singles charts that November, and was coined the most successful song of 1970 by NARM! 

And that was just the beginning. Nine more albums and nine more singles would follow! The TV band launched the record-breaking career of David Cassidy, who is still recognized as the biggest teen idol of all time! Every story behind the music that could ever be told is revealed here for the first time in "When We're Singin' - The Partridge Family and Their Music." 

Here is the interview with Celebrity, Timm McCoy adding the music needed to complete the interview. Johnny's 10 Partridge Family music selections.

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