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The Celebrities that have spent time in The Zone with Timm McCoy:

Phil Proctor - 2x (The Firesign Theatre, Boomers On A Bench), Jamie Alcroft (Mack & Jamie, Boomers On A Bench), The Aquabats, Josh Robert Thompson (The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson/ The Josh Robert Thompson Show), Jonathan Mangum (Let's Make A Deal, Who's Line Is It Anyway?), Ray Devito (Stand Up Comedian), Barbara Nedeljakova (Hostel, Hostel II), Ken Davitian (Borat, The Artist), Robert Duncan McNeill (Chuck, Star Trek Voyager, He Man), Vik Sahay - 2x (Chuck, American Pie Reunion, NCIS), Adam Baldwin (Chuck, Firefly, Full Metal Jacket), Kirsten Vangsness (Criminal Minds, Kill Me Deadly), Robert O'Reilly (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek Deep Space 9), Gate McFadden (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek Nemesis, Star Trek Generations, Muppets Take Manhattan, Labyrinth), Patricia Tallman (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Babylon 5, Night Of The Living Dead - 1990), Noel Thurman (The Witches Of Oz), Eliza Swenson (The Witches Of Oz), "Weird Al" Yankovic (UHF, The Weird Al Show), Rob Paulsen (Animaniacs, Jimmy Neutron, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Brett Hudson (Hudson Brothers)

 Twitter: @RobbieMcDunc


Recorded 11-14-11 Timm & Joan McCoy of "The Zone with Timm McCoy" interviewed Robert Duncan McNeill of "Star Trek: The Next Generation", "Voyager" and is currently the Executive Producer/Director for NBC's "Chuck".
"This is the first time I have ever interviewed a celebrity and have used the words "Zietgeist", "Symbiosis", Gestalt" and "Mench". We talk of "Chuck" ,"Captian Proton", Jeff & Lester and the future. This was a very warm, personal and comically induced interview. Our friendship began in a tweet on Twitter and the rest is history. As of 11/15/11 The cast & crew of "Chuck" are begining Episode 13, the finale. Enjoy the "Special - Robert Duncan McNeill"
- CEO PPL Micro Studios: Timm McCoy
Just 24 hours of just relaxing Engine Idle.



Direct from Studio 56 in beautiful Los Angeles, California
Bob Oschack, "Warm Up" comedian gives you what you have NEVER heard, The Warm Up Show before a taping of "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" For the date: July 29, 2014.
It is an MP3. 20:21 in length. Recorded by a digital Olympus WS-821
This recording is copyrighted 2014 PPL Micro Studios


Timm McCoy & Josh Robert Thompson
Timm McCoy & Josh Robert Thompson

We have been friends for 25 years. Both from Cleveland, Ohio. Timm was part of WCSB's "Brainrot Radio Theatre" Timm did many voices for live broadcasts of the show including live TV and Radio programs across Ohio. Josh, being 15 at the time, listened every week collecting a mass number of audio recordings of the show thus leading him to do voices in various TV, Radio and movie roles. Here after 22 years is one of many videos, of Timm & Josh reuniting after all these years. Josh Robert Thompson is currently the voice of "Geoff" a gay Robot skeleton sidekick for Craig Ferguson on "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" on CBS. He also is the voice for "More Than Freeman" in British TV commercials. Timm is producing many TV, Radio and internet projects including his very popular show "The Zone with Timm McCoy" with over 11.9 million subscribers on iTunes. Visit Josh at www.joshrthompson.com and Timm at www.ppltv.net Enjoy our reunion! @joshrthompson @timmmccoy on Twitter.

I own all rights to this video produced by my production company of PPL Micro Studios Copyright 2013

Timm McCoy & Josh Robert Thompson on WCBS in 1991


Timm McCoy Interviews Robert O'Reilly 3/14/1992

My interview with Robert O'Reilly, "Gowron, The Klingon High Commander" on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Recorded for The Sci-Fi Channel. Copyright PPL Micro Studios 2012


Timm McCoy Interviews Gates McFadden 11/15/1991

My interview with Gates McFadden, "Dr. Beverly Crusher" on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Recorded for The Sci-Fi Channel. Copyright PPL Micro Studios 2012


Patricia Tallman -

Patricia Tallman
One day, about 2 weeks ago, I got a Tweet from Patricia Tallman saying that she would like to discuss her new book "Pleasure Threshold" on "The Zone". I'm a sucker for a redhead, so I said yes. Of course. Patricia is a stunt woman, a mother, author and actor in everything from Star Trek - "The Next Generation", "Deep Space Nine" and "Voyager" to playing "Lyta Alexander" in the Hugo Award winning series "Babylon 5". She also played "Barbara" in the best remake of George A. Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" 1990. She is a very close friend, my newly adopted sister and surprisingly wonderful interview. Joining me is my best friend and the most best'es wife ever that has been, Joan. The interview is 19:04. Wrapped with "Babylon 5" music & audio a with a hint of "Charles Nelson Reilly" (Patricia Tallman's true to life mentor). I hope you enjoy our interview with Patricia Tallman.


Noel Thurman
Little did I realize that when I woke up today, an amazing thing was going to happen. It was so good not even the Wicked Witch of the West could bring it down. No. She didn't. Noel Thurman plays "Glinda" in the new film "Dorothy & The Witches of Oz" (Feb. 17th). We never even considered that Witches roam in packs, er covens, uh... anyway, Noel brought a special guest. Do you know witch one? Enjoy this interview as we talk of "Dorothy & The Witches of Oz"! TRT: 16:24
Eliza Swenson -
"Dorothy & The Witches of Oz" Trailer



This is my new "Sister from another Mister", Barbara Nedeljakova. Joan and I met her last year while Joan was sign language interpreting at "Crypticon 2011". She was so sweet, so we set up an interview for February for Valentines Day. This interview was so awesome, I don't have the words to express how beautiful she was. She is my friend, my sister and a fabulous actress... Barbara Nedeljakova!

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COMING JANUARY 2012 to "The Zone with Timm McCoy"
Recorded 11-15-11 Timm & Joan McCoy recorded an interview with Ken Davitian of "Borat ,"Chuck" and the just released film  "The Artist" with James Cromwell and John Goodman.
Opening 12/25/11
"A good friend from Hollywood (Nicole W.) emailed me with a guest she thought would be good for my journey into the belly of Celebrity-ville. Ken Davitian is the most Minnesota obsessed celebrity I have ever met. Not only did he get naked in Borat, but now refuses to get naked in cold, old Minnesota. WTF? Later we discovered he wasn't talking about Brett Favre as mush as he was talking about the real quarterback for the Vikings, Fran Tarkenton. This man became a real good friend to Joan & me  and  I hope we get to meet in the real world someday!"
- CEO PPL Micro Studios: Timm McCoy
2011 HD Trailer - Winner Cannes Film Fest



Adam Baldwin

"Chuck" & "Firefly"

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